Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Solemn September

At the beginning of September we took a cross country trip to Sacramento, California to attend The Call. The tenth anniversary of the first one in DC. We felt it was significant to BE there to pray and so we went in faith. My mom went along mainly to help with the babies but I know she got much more out of it than just that. Speaking of the little darlings - they traveled marvelously and handled the time change and the all day event wonderfully. We had to escape the midday sun to take a nap and left a little early for bed but Darryl stayed the whole day and fasted with the crowd. It was powerful and we were honored to be present. One of the most significant moments was when Benji Nolot from Exodus Cry was sharing about human trafficking and we interceeded for that issue (Sacramento is #2 in the nation for human trafficking). In two short hours CraigsList issued a statement about restricting their controversial adult section from public use - which we believe was, an answer to our cry.  Video
We included photos from the travels to California below.

The following week week was the Moore County Solemn Assembly. Darryl spent what little time he had already to organize preparatory prayer meetings as well as the solemn assembly itself, sending out flyers and invitations to every church in Moore County. So rewind several months earlier, in February, when we went to Kansas City on a shoestring and faith to get impartation from the awakening that was happening there and to visit our dear friend and "spiritual mom" Sachi. Shara, who we did worship for while in Pemba, Mozambique told us to get in touch with her if we were ever in KC so we did just that and arranged to have lunch with her. She set up a lunch party at her house and invited other Iris people. During the lunch we met with Melissa who did the solemn assembly in Africa while we were there. She gave us some guidance and encouragement. So back to the MCSA... around thirty people showed up which was a huge number more than we had anticipated. The weather cooperated and it was a fantastic success. The final word that came out of the whole thing was this: make disciples of all people.

First bath together.

Wiped OUT! Baby jetlag.

The view from under our glorious shade tree.


Taking the flag from each state to the cross.

Big trees, little people.

First feet in the grass experience.

Taking the babies to bed. I think it was like midnight to them (EST).

The $8 bowl of rice that Zeke didn't eat.


Road trip to Redding!

Zeke making friends.

Flying home.

Sorry to all those onboard!

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