Monday, September 29, 2008

Photos and various things...

We're getting things together to share with Mosaic our trip to Africa. They've been gracious and patient enough to let us settle back in before getting everything prepared. I'm going to try a link to see if you can view the pictures from there.. is my facebook page with lots of pictures including ones I was in of others.. and this one is Darryl's. If you're near by and interested, we'll be sharing at 4pm next Sunday October 4th. Whoa! It's already October. The next Harvest School of Missions is about to begin! Well, we've been working hard at getting back into the groove and yet, not losing anything we learned. We literally have to go back over our notes and review what we learned! But a lot of it is written on our hearts. Like the big life lessons we learned: love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. That's what Jesus said was the greatest of all commandments. Love. We long to reach out and love those around us and are learning to just simply "stop for the one" in front of us, as Heidi says. Church isn't just a building, it's US. We are not IN that building but once a week, so what happens the rest of the time is really what the world sees of Jesus. No wonder people don't believe and don't understand and don't choose to love Jesus. Yet, as easy as it sounds, loving those around us AS ourselves, is not easy - and some more so than others. It's a daily dying to self. Unless the seed falls to the ground and dies, it can not bring forth life and produce fruit. Wow. So true.

So here is what we've been up to since Africa. We're trying this stuff out and taking it to the streets of Carthage. Going to the rest home and singing hymns and reading scripture to the alzheimer's patients. What they love the most is the interaction we have with them afterward. Love. We've been trying to get into the jail next door and things are starting to work out in that direction so stay tuned for that update. We're also going to various churches in the community and sharing what God has done with us and through us in the past couple years. We're more bold on our jobs than before, and more aware of the need in this hour. We miss Mozambique a LOT. All that we experienced, and our friends, and the super charged Holy Spirit atmosphere. It went by so fast, I can't believe it.

I just watched a movie - you can buy it online or watch it on Google video - it's called Finger of God. It shows miracles on film, crazy miraculous stuff God is doing all over the world. This guy filmed it more or less to get a glimpse of it himself and figure out what is going on... what he filmed is simply astonishing. Anyway, watch it if you have time: Finger of God by Darren Wilson

As far as baby goes... we're just into the first trimester! Amazing. And Darryl JUST finished painting the baby room last night. So our registries are all filled out and ready to go. Some dear friends and family are putting on some baby showers for us and then we can really start to prepare for him to come in December! I'm glad, we're all excited, and looking forward to each step. Our midwife says everything is looking and blooming great and the baby is getting bigger every day it seems. He's really kicking me in the side(s) now. I think he's getting less and less room and feeling his boundaries. No more laid back relaxing! Time to sqeeze in and huddle up! If you want to understand a little more about home birth and midwifery, check out this movie... it's VERY informative.

We will try to post regularly and keep this up as best as we can remember. Getting used to a different schedule threw me off a bit but I'm getting back used to things now.

Love You All,

Darryl & Mimi

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Settling Back In

Well we have been back stateside for a few weeks now. We're adjusting at different levels. Mainly just trying to juggle the things we juggled before we left for Africa this past May. [How did we do it all? Why did we do all that?] We want to keep this blog to update others on our lives as they unfold. Right now we are processing everything we learned and experienced in Mozambique, missing our new friends from there, and asking God what he wants us to do now that we're back.

On a side note, it just dawned on us that... this pregnancy is well into it's sixth month! *gasp* We have some things to do! So we're making a mad rush to get things done around the house in preparation, not only for somewhere for baby to sleep, but some other things as well to 'get the nest in order' before the baby arrives. By the way, it's a boy! We had an ultrasound this past week and it confirmed without a doubt, the gender of the baby. No names will be disclosed at this time. :) They have gone to a panel (Darryl and me) for review and will be revealed more than likely at the time of birth. Sorry! I can answer one thing for sure... YES, I'm going to carry HIM around in a capulana! :D We are excited, and Jordan is ellated.

Back to Africa... I have almost finished gathering photos to prepare a nice little slide show on to share with you all. I will include some ultrasound pics in this (only separate from that category).

Much Love Always,

Darryl & Mimi