Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Settling In

Well in the middle of week two we are getting quite settled in to life here in Pemba. We have literally been going non-stop though since we arrived. We started the first week of school with an amazing mind blowing learning experience from speakers from Global Awakening, language learning, Heidi Baker, and her team. Then we were zoomed off to outreach on Friday through Sunday. We were scheduled to go next week but got to go early. It was good because we got to set the bar for the others and bond with our team early. We do outreach activities with a pre-set color group. Ours is Open Heaven Blue! And all we get along great. We saw almost everyone we prayed for healed and about 250 people come to Christ in one night! Amen! I want to post a lot more especially about what we have learned from the speakers, but I forgot to bring my notes to this beautiful internet cafe by the turquoise Indian Ocean beach and weŕe off for an ice cream date. So Saturday we are resting in the Lord, snorkeling, and will come by and share more then. FYI - weŕe doing fantastic and growing!


Darryl & Meg

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  1. So good to hear from you guys (and baby). Everything thing sounds so surreal as I read it. AMAZING!! Sounds like God is doing amazing things in and through you. Love to you ALL! Charity