Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Solemn September

At the beginning of September we took a cross country trip to Sacramento, California to attend The Call. The tenth anniversary of the first one in DC. We felt it was significant to BE there to pray and so we went in faith. My mom went along mainly to help with the babies but I know she got much more out of it than just that. Speaking of the little darlings - they traveled marvelously and handled the time change and the all day event wonderfully. We had to escape the midday sun to take a nap and left a little early for bed but Darryl stayed the whole day and fasted with the crowd. It was powerful and we were honored to be present. One of the most significant moments was when Benji Nolot from Exodus Cry was sharing about human trafficking and we interceeded for that issue (Sacramento is #2 in the nation for human trafficking). In two short hours CraigsList issued a statement about restricting their controversial adult section from public use - which we believe was, an answer to our cry.  Video
We included photos from the travels to California below.

The following week week was the Moore County Solemn Assembly. Darryl spent what little time he had already to organize preparatory prayer meetings as well as the solemn assembly itself, sending out flyers and invitations to every church in Moore County. So rewind several months earlier, in February, when we went to Kansas City on a shoestring and faith to get impartation from the awakening that was happening there and to visit our dear friend and "spiritual mom" Sachi. Shara, who we did worship for while in Pemba, Mozambique told us to get in touch with her if we were ever in KC so we did just that and arranged to have lunch with her. She set up a lunch party at her house and invited other Iris people. During the lunch we met with Melissa who did the solemn assembly in Africa while we were there. She gave us some guidance and encouragement. So back to the MCSA... around thirty people showed up which was a huge number more than we had anticipated. The weather cooperated and it was a fantastic success. The final word that came out of the whole thing was this: make disciples of all people.

First bath together.

Wiped OUT! Baby jetlag.

The view from under our glorious shade tree.


Taking the flag from each state to the cross.

Big trees, little people.

First feet in the grass experience.

Taking the babies to bed. I think it was like midnight to them (EST).

The $8 bowl of rice that Zeke didn't eat.


Road trip to Redding!

Zeke making friends.

Flying home.

Sorry to all those onboard!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miracles Follow

This isn't the Solemn September update, and I apologize but I will have that up soon with photos. However, I just had to share a little bit of goodness from this beautiful Autumn Sunday! 

So Darryl, myself and the babies went out for a stroll. Carthage is a small town that consists mostly of the jail, court system, lawyers and bail bondsmen so it is busy during the week with people coming from all over the county and dead on the weekends. Gratefully we encountered a few people at the post office and shared the gospel with them which was awesome! Both a man and a women, separate encounters, were not churched and received well. Darryl even got another connection on a family in need of some food that we could deliver to. Praise God!

After that we headed around the corner to the main street and there were a few teen boys skateboarding in the courthouse yard. I looked in my pocket and counted four million dollar bills. There were four boys. Darryl took the stroller and I headed for the bunch. I offered them each a million dollar bill and they took them graciously and enthusiastically. Then I explained what they were and lead into the gospel message (law & grace). It was so easy to explain with the courthouse in the background. They all said they went to church and one guy even said he was "saved" before, but it was obvious when we were walking up that they were not living with Jesus as their Lord. So I asked them a few questions. They all received it really well, in fact, I was asking one boy questions about eternity and his friend was answering too. It was so good to share with such open hearts!

Afterward, one of them was discussing skateboarding accidents with Darryl and he mentioned he had a messed up hand that made sound when he open and closed it. We audibly heard it and so Darryl offered him prayer. A simple prayer later he opened and closed his hand and we could barely hear any clicking. So, we prayed some more. The boys were all excited and intently paying attention. It lessened even more but was just barely audible. One of the boys said, "It will heal overnight." Amazing faith from what appeared to me as the most rebellious, also the boy who was answering the questions when I was asking the other boy. We encouraged them, thanked them for listening, and went our separate ways. As we were leaving we heard the rumble of skateboards following behind. I figured, they must be going the same way, and besides there is a store up ahead they may be headed towards. But I turned to get out of their way and they said, "hey wait!" Apparently one of the boys has a twin brother who has Cerebral Palsy. And he wanted us to pray for him after seeing his friends hand healed! Twins, named Matthew and Nathan. Go figure! So we prayed, of course! And are all believing we'll be meeting again, but this time, they'll be bringing the good news to us.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. God is sooooo good y'all.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Super Harvest

So things are happening.

Two things that are major for the Russells. Number one, we have been graciously handed a food ministry which is a total answer to prayer in that we have been desiring to reach the needy in our area regularly after the great Christmas Outreach this past year. We have continued in relationships with a lot of the families but they were limited to random visits, home church invitations, and run-ins about town.  Now we have a great reason to go to their home! To take bread and Living Water! How spectacular is that?! So please pray with us to the Lord of the Harvest to raise up laborers. We hope to have more families to deliver to and more food, so we will need more hands. There is a very limited about of what we can do on our own with these two babies at the moment.

Next, we just found out while we were gone at the beach last week that the county went forward with settling some plans about building the jail. If you're unfamiliar with the story, here is a recent story in the news about the situation. They had previously planned to build around us. We know God put us here for a purpose and we are trying to fulfill that purpose - to reach the needy and the lost for Christ. Well, the NEWS is that they will be buying our property in the next two years. So what will be the next step for the Russells? We shall see! Stay tuned, keep us in your prayers and join us in labor.

Blog report on "Solemn September" coming soon!

Enjoy some beach photos below. 

Much Love,

"Super Harvest Moon"