Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miracles Follow

This isn't the Solemn September update, and I apologize but I will have that up soon with photos. However, I just had to share a little bit of goodness from this beautiful Autumn Sunday! 

So Darryl, myself and the babies went out for a stroll. Carthage is a small town that consists mostly of the jail, court system, lawyers and bail bondsmen so it is busy during the week with people coming from all over the county and dead on the weekends. Gratefully we encountered a few people at the post office and shared the gospel with them which was awesome! Both a man and a women, separate encounters, were not churched and received well. Darryl even got another connection on a family in need of some food that we could deliver to. Praise God!

After that we headed around the corner to the main street and there were a few teen boys skateboarding in the courthouse yard. I looked in my pocket and counted four million dollar bills. There were four boys. Darryl took the stroller and I headed for the bunch. I offered them each a million dollar bill and they took them graciously and enthusiastically. Then I explained what they were and lead into the gospel message (law & grace). It was so easy to explain with the courthouse in the background. They all said they went to church and one guy even said he was "saved" before, but it was obvious when we were walking up that they were not living with Jesus as their Lord. So I asked them a few questions. They all received it really well, in fact, I was asking one boy questions about eternity and his friend was answering too. It was so good to share with such open hearts!

Afterward, one of them was discussing skateboarding accidents with Darryl and he mentioned he had a messed up hand that made sound when he open and closed it. We audibly heard it and so Darryl offered him prayer. A simple prayer later he opened and closed his hand and we could barely hear any clicking. So, we prayed some more. The boys were all excited and intently paying attention. It lessened even more but was just barely audible. One of the boys said, "It will heal overnight." Amazing faith from what appeared to me as the most rebellious, also the boy who was answering the questions when I was asking the other boy. We encouraged them, thanked them for listening, and went our separate ways. As we were leaving we heard the rumble of skateboards following behind. I figured, they must be going the same way, and besides there is a store up ahead they may be headed towards. But I turned to get out of their way and they said, "hey wait!" Apparently one of the boys has a twin brother who has Cerebral Palsy. And he wanted us to pray for him after seeing his friends hand healed! Twins, named Matthew and Nathan. Go figure! So we prayed, of course! And are all believing we'll be meeting again, but this time, they'll be bringing the good news to us.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. God is sooooo good y'all.

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  1. this brought me to sweet the sound yes...thank you for doing this, for sharing this, for being an example....may God continue to use you mightily for his Kingdom purposes! Amen!