Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BUMP update

BUMP = Baby Under Manufacturing Process. Ha!

So yesterday I felt the baby having hiccups. That was weird. It felt like a strong heartbeat in my belly. I wasn't sure how to scare it out of him, but he managed to get rid of them on his own.

My mom's friends are throwing me a baby shower this week in Winston-Salem. I'm excited to celebrate this lil boy. Still looking at names. Feel free to share ideas!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two months to go....

Well the baby's room is painted (shimmering bronze) beautifully and ready for furnishings. Haven't decided on them yet. Getting ready to have a few baby showers too which is a blessing in so many ways. So a lot of my free time lately has been studying up on natural childbirthing. I'm getting psyched and preparing my body as well. This experience is not without discouragement from others, but I know I'm making the right decision for our son and myself and it will be awesome! I'm thrilled to be using my body the way God intended. I'm believing that the curse has been broken because Jesus is King. That has been spoken over me more than once and I'm holding onto it with both hands. Amazing how great my pregnancy has been thus far - no morning sickness or other complications. :)

God has been doing the most amazing stuff with us and our church lately. We've been seeking out opportunities to put our teaching from this summer into action. We went to minister with another close church family who put on a feast for the homeless and we loved on them and invited them to the wedding feast with Jesus! And we went to the highways and byways where virtually no one is ministering, and we're speaking words of life over people prophetically and talking to them about Jesus. At one New Age music and dance festival, Darryl painted "Free Healing, Just Ask" on his jacket. It was amazing the comments he got - even there! But one did ask, and received! Our friend Katy went to Uganda this summer and prayed for the dead to raise - and they did. So she went along with us. This weekend some missionary friends from Sudan are coming to share at our church and we're hitting the streets of Aberdeen for some "spiritual readings." It's challenging, but so rewarding knowing you're stepping out of the boat and walking on the water with Jesus! This past weekend we went to visit some friends in Asheville and ministered to some homeless and destitute as well as visiting one of our friends we met in Mozambique this summer. It was so refreshing and good to reconnect and energize each other. We made a connection with her and someone else we know up there so they can get together in Christ and encourage each other as well. We are hoping to go to various cities in NC and do some serious street ministry with some friends. God is doing something! Stay tuned for more.