Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keyboard Tounges or Mobile Blog Malfunction?

Sorry about the jibberish on the previous post. I got some comments that it might have been Zeke or Haddie playing with my phone. I wish it were. But actually I was trying to share a thought before I drifted off and forgot it, but it came up as just punctuation and random letters and numbers. Sorry for the confusion but thanks for the laughs to those of you who commented! Thankfully it is still in my phone so here is the cut and paste:

Having a blog is like music to me. I'd love to create something for others to enjoy and to have as a memory. A recorded memory of a time in my life. But I've found that I would rather enjoy what's already been created by others. It's time consuming to be pregnant and juggling two little busy bodies and feeding the whole brood and cleaning up after our messes, much less to upload interesting photos and share thoughts that... I... seem to forget before I have a chance to blog them. :)

For years I've said musicians need a crowd to play to. That's who I am a part of. I tried playing music in bands and much more enjoyed being in the crowd. Likewise, writers need readers. I enjoy being inspired by others and have some really awesome ideas and thoughts. They just rarely make it into or onto something. I'm busy loving my little family and cooking from scratch what I've been craving all week. So I hope and aspire to blog more often than I do but find myself just reading blogs instead. I like to read forums to find answers to my parenting delimmas, and blogs about sharing the gospel or simply look at pictures of DIY projects to get inspiration for decorating our little living area on this Earth.

So all aspirations aside, I'm freeing myself of the burden and regret of not having shared with the world what the Russells are up to on a more frequent basis. If you don't hear from us for a while, read this blog and find out what we're pondering. You're welcome to come over and see what we're doing. Or you can give us a call.

Love You World.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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