Friday, December 25, 2009

Carthage Christmas Outreach

"Who is our neighbor?" The question that prefaced the parable of the Good Samaritan. This Christmas we gave up the tree, the presents, the extravagant food, and time alone with our family to be used of God to take GOOD NEWS to the poor. In return we have had the greatest Christmas experience to date and a new family tradition. Thanks to everyone who gave of their time, funds, and more to make this happen. God is so good!

Below are some photos of the families we visited Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and a little about them. We took each family an entire meal (Roasted Chicken, stuffing, greens, bread, drinks, and dessert) along with gift bags for the kids and 3 presents to open each. Each family got a gift card to use as needed and an invitation to Home Church. AND everyone got bibles!! Thank you Jesus!!

Getting everything ready, organizing according to family - presents, gift bags, and food. Excited to put faces with names!

Zeke "helped"!!

Wrap stars.

A special thanks to Hannah Mendiguren for helping with the shopping, Ashlee Kerr for helping organize, wrap and distribute while taking turns being Mommy to Zeke and Jordan, and to Christ Mendiguren for jumping in and helping us distribute and connect with the people. An extra special thanks to everyone from Mosaic Ministries and all others who donated gifts, finances, and prayers toward this project, we couldn't have done it without your help!

This young man was thrilled about a brand new sweater he recieved for Christmas! We didn't expect him to be at this house and someone had donated a random gift we didn't have a place for. Little did we know! Jehovah Sneaky strikes again!

What a beautiful family! Mom of five and just in our back yard. Our new friends.

Jordan made pals with all the kids so easy and naturally. All the families graciously and humbly invited us into their warm homes and we all connected so quickly it was beautiful. The little girl in this family was camera shy.

How do I turn it over? Oh well... we spent about half an hour in each home until the end when we had to just drop off and say a quick hello since it was getting late. Some of the families we didn't get photos of because it was more important to just stop for them and listen and shower them with God's love.

Some families don't have transportation and were so grateful to have the simplest of things brought to them on Christmas. The kids opened their presents with immense joy and the parents/grandparents were glad to have a little something for their needs as well. Every family received the gospel well and were happy to have their very own bibles!

This Sunday is going to be so full. Thank you Jesus for being our Savior and showing us how to love.
Stay tuned for more great exploits.