Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ducks In A Row

I'm trying to get things organized around here. So I'm updating the blog finally. We used this blog in the past years for our international travels and births to share with friends and family. The blog site has changed a bit over the years so I'm going to reacquaint myself to using it in between catering to our two younglings. Being an At Home mama is so wonderful. I am happily busy just in the day to day with an infant and a toddler. Now that I'm getting the hang of juggling two I can do more than Facebook, which I'm trying to steer away from (for time consuming reasons!).

So we have a lot going on that we'd like to share with the world not only in our home but as we branch out into the world in ministry to give the Lamb the reward for his sufferings. More details on that in the future. This will also be a good place to share what and where we're going so you can pray for us. So here is our immediate plans in brief:
- This weekend we're flying cross-country to attend The Call Sacramento, CA ( and to visit Bethel Church in Redding, CA where we'll see Sachi before she begins the School of the Supernatural there in Redding.
- September 11th we're holding a Moore County Solemn Assembly at the park here in Carthage, NC
- Beach vacay!!!!
- Start up Home Church again at our house (more on that to come)

P.S. Follow our blog by clicking on the link to the right. We're also on Twitter if you want to get little short updates on how or what we're doing or just what the babies are doing or saying.
Our beauties. :)