Saturday, July 26, 2008

Outreach & Eighth Week

Last weekend we went on an amazing journey into the bush. We joined Heidi in a village that had never heard of Jesus before and shared His love and healing power. Amazing healings took place as we prayed for people, and a lot of people gave their lives to the Lord for the first time. Heidi bought a piece of property there and we prayed over it, built a fence with the Mozambiquans. She plans on living there a few days a week and getting to know the people and the culture and language. After she left we had a great time just getting to know the villagers and see them in their element. This little village is way out where there is really no road nearby. They are self  sufficient and we even had duck and shrimp for dinner one night! We had a blast and hope to return to it one day.
This week has been a realization that this school is soon coming to an end. We have not finished yet however, and have a lot to learn still. One day we learned from one of the missionary couples who separated us in gender and we talked about sex. It was a great time of honesty and insight as far as what God intended for us in relationships and why we behave the way we do. We listened to a podcast by Kris Valatton from Bethel Church in Redding, CA and I highly recommend you check it out. It’s on purity. Just a few notes:
-The top 3 reasons for divorce are 1. Sex, 2. Money, and 3. Communication. All the things we DON’T talk about in church.
-The church as 1% higher divorce rate than the world – most likely because we don’t talk about it.
-70% of 18 and over don’t have their virginity when they’re married.
We have been meeting with the Mozambiquan bible school students and asking them questions and them asking us questions and here are some more things we learned about the culture:
-They don’t emote when healed by prayer because when they experience healing by witchdoctors (traditional medicine), they pay more the better the healing they receive.
-The men choose a ‘woman’ to live with for 3 years and they even have children. After the 3 years if they decide she behaves the way they hope, they will get married.
-Moslem men have an average of 5 wives that all live in different huts and they live with a different wife every week.
-Here it is common to pay for things or give tithe/offering with chickens, rice, and peanuts.
Heidi taught on Luke 1:26 about how Mary found out the news of her ‘favor’ that she was carrying and how it mirrors normal pregnancy. She shared the news and not everyone was sharing in her delight. She had a choice to carry it or get rid of it. It took time and cost to carry the favor. Heidi was showing us that when God puts something in us, like a mission or a call (which we all have), we choose to keep it or abort it. If we choose to keep it, it will be uncomfortable and take a while to show and probably make life hard for a while, but when we birth this thing, we will forget all of that just like a mother does when she sees her baby for the first time.
Heidi also preached on Matthew 6:9-10 about us being a “sent out lover.” She asked the questions, ‘What does the kingdom of Heaven look like where you live and where you are going?’ That is something for us all seek an answer to.
Since the Solemn Assembly is going on as I type, some international leaders of The Call have come to organize and put it on. Stacy Campbell is one of them. She has been teaching us this past week also and I have so enjoyed it! She is very practical and logical and just overall normal. She is a housewife from Canada and on the side her and her husband do ministry. She talked to us about getting our hearts right for today’s event and learning to live and walk in the greatest commandments which are to love God with all your soul, mind, heart, and strength. She also taught on praying the bible, which is the title of her book. She said she started doing this and started to see God move. I didn’t realize this, but Jesus only prayed once on his own behalf. John 17:24 where he asked that all people would be with him where he was. This was also the prayer of David which is why we call him a man after God’s own heart. So she shared how things started to change in their town/country when they started having solemn assemblies (Joel 2) and that is why we are having one here.  She gave 7 steps for building a prayer life and they are below.
1.     You must learn to pray
a.     Practice
2.     Determine to work at prayer
a.     It is aggressive, not passive
b.     You have to work at it
c.      You are heard by the attitude of your heart
d.     Laying down is the worst prayer posture
3.     Set a time and a place
a.     You’ll never do it if you don’t schedule it in
4.     Pray to God
a.     Put yourself before God as he is, see what the bible lexicons saw before the throne
5.     Learn the language of the spirit
6.     Pray out loud
a.     Any relationship you’re building is started with language
b.     After a long time you can quietly relate (pray)
c.      So you know when you stop
d.     It is hard to think about something else when you’re talking aloud
7.     Silence
a.     Allow time at the end of your prayer to listen
So there is more to it, but I thought that was interesting and certainly helpful! The other thing she taught on was prophecy. More specifically she taught on ecstatic prophecy and it’s roots in the bible and translations from Hebrew words in scripture. She said she got saved in a regular church and when her husband and her planted a church they always preached against people (like her now) who prophecy and manifest in the spirit. However, it suddenly came on her one day and she has since researched it and found all this valuable information confirming what she has experienced. Then she prophecied over some of the students. She has many resources available, I highly recommend checking them out.
So that’s pretty much it. We’ve all been working on our prayer lives and focusing on Jesus and preparing for today. I’m taking a little break to write you this, but this is an all day event. We’re starting to get ready to come home. We have a one more week here and a 10 day visit to Maputo and we’re then looking forward to coming home. The baby is getting big and so am I!! Love you all.
Darryl & Mimi


  1. Wow - God is amazing! I can't wait to share this with the Mosaic. It seems like He is teaching you foundational stuff - that is missing from most peoples foundation!


    btw - We really interceded for you guys on Thursday night! You are being lifted up!

  2. What awesome information! I am blessed just reading about it all! I am anxious for you to come home, not wanting for you to get here a minute before God wants you here, though.

    Jordan says 'hi'. He is getting ready to go to bed. We just hiked up to the Cascades today and he took a dip in the COLD COLD water! Good job, Jordan!

    Still praying,

  3. Wow. Holy, holy holy! I heard Stacey speak in May in Baltimore -- on praying the Bible and on ecstatic prophecy. She IS amazing. God is using her to grow us up!

    Glad to hear you're doing so well. Bless you both, and Sachi. Wish I was going to Zimpeto with you, but I'll be there in Spirit!!!

    Love, Rose