Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Personal Update

Now Im really going to throw everyone off schedule - I forgot to bring my notebook on the half mile walk to the internet cafe in the near by hotel. Right outside the window, there is a guy litteraly cutting the grass with loppers. Thats how they do it here. Just a little cultural insight for you today. SO, the update for the Sixth Week will have to wait. We are going on outreach this weekend, leaving Thursday and returning Saturday. Keep us in your prayers as we will be venturing into unchartered territory, with Heidi as our guide and the Holy Spirit as our leader. We wont be traveling far from Pemba (some of the outreach teams have gone as far as 10 hours away!), but this is somewhere Iris has never been and the name Jesus has never been spoken. It is exciting to be on this trip! Heidi goes with one group every weekend and weŕe blessed that she will be guiding us this weekend. Yay! So there will be a lot of stuff to share about that trip as well as the Sixth and Seventh week updates next Tuesday.

Before we came we were told in essence that the first half of the school is the busiest, and it cools down after that. Weŕe still waiting for the cool down part! It seems to get busier and busier every week. Now we are in preparation for the first ever solemn assembly of national Mozambiquanos July 26th in preparation for The Call Africa - which I dont know when that will happen. Weve really been connecting with people, students, leaders, and children this past few weeks. There is so much to share, I am honestly a little overwhelmed at the moment just trying to think of something.

This trip has been amazing. We have learned so much about ourselves. A lot of inner healing and spiritual imparation has taken place in us and the Lord is revealing more and more to us about our lives and our futures. We cant wait to come home and share everything with our church family, and our families and friends.

I want to share what I can remember about last week but then I will just end up typing more later when I bring my notebook. Sorry! Youll just have to wait. In the mean time, I can give you our latest assignment to chew on and/or do for yourself: Write about someone in the bible that you most relate to (how, why, etc) and describe their heavenly visitations. Describe your heavenly visitations (visions, dreams, etc). List eight promises from God for your destiny. List eight promises from God for you for 2008. Now take this assignment and ask God to give you the answers (except the personal heavenly visitations) for someone else. Pretty heavy stuff huh? Thatś what we are currently working on. Its not about what you write or how you write it, but the ultimate goal is an experience with God and greater intimacy seeking after his gifts and visions for you and your life as well as using you to speak to someone else on the same things.

Work on that until we get a new update for you.

Also: look into everyoneś eyes and see Jesus in them. Absolutely everyone. Jesus said, whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.

Darryl & Mimi


  1. Dear Meg and Darryl,
    That sounds very challenging.
    When you go into the bush to that tribe that has never heard the name of JESUS, I pray that they will see Jesus in you and be sure to drink a lot of H2O when you go!
    Love you a Lot,

  2. Hi Meg & Darryl! Wow. You guys surely are under an open heaven, as Sachi said in her email. And how nice to have been with Heidi. Can't wait to hear the rest. These are precious days for you. Your Dad is putting stuff in you and writing stuff on your hearts that will equip you for a lifetime. I'm really happy for you! I had my own encounter with Jesus the other day -- can't wait to tell you that! I'll be praying for Mozambique this week, heading up to your solemn assembly. Love you, in Him, Rose