Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fifth Week

1. The verses about spiritual armor are from Ephesians 6, not 10.
2. Read Matthew 24 (can’t remember verse and don’t have bible with me) in it there is a verse that says something like this, “In the last days many people will lose their faith because of the bad stuff they see happening around them in the world, bun to their faith despite those things, will be saved.” I’d like to add that to preface the story about the little boy being killed this past Friday.

FIFTH WEEK – Week of the Supernatural
Well I don’t have much time to write today and it’s a bit early because we were informed just this morning that we will be leaving Thursday for outreach. We were originally scheduled to go next weekend. So I won’t have time to post a regular long update. This update is going to be very brief so my apologies but if you are especially interested in the topic, I would be more than happy to share the information in detail with you from our notes when we return home.

We basically were putting learning to action and learning how to pray for the sick and doing it, learning how to prophesy and doing it. Our teachers included Pastor Jose from Maputo, Supresa Sithole, Bob Johnson from San Francisco, Denise from Las Vegas, Shara, and of course Heidi.

Heidi taught about Luke 14 and the parable of the wedding supper and how we lived that out the previous weekend by serving the lame, the blind, the poor and putting them at the head of the table. Every time they have a wedding they do this, it was glorious.
Wednesday we went to a private beach that the long termers deem as their territory, and rightly so! It was gorgeous! We will have pictures of that when we get back.

We ended the week with a “Day of Repentance” for the sins of our nation. It was powerful. Often as Americans we display our patriotism as “pride.” We realized how negative it really is being in another nation and with people from all over the world and yes, we are blessed as Americans, but we need to remember why that is and where that blessing came from. Independence Day will forever be a day of recognizing my dependence on God.

So a lot of students got a stomach bug from having so many guests around and having to feed them and wash their plates and so forth, almost everyone has had it or is having it even now. A few people got Malaria but are recovering gracefully.

We will be on outreach or “out in the bush” from Thursday to Saturday. We could use your prayers immensely! This will be our second and final trip for the school. We’ll have tons of great stories when we return. Love you all.

Darryl & Mimi

P.S. The children look different now. They are much more precious than before.

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