Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary to US!

Well, not much time to post about the second week at this time, but that will come hopefully Saturday. In the mean time we are celebrating our fourth year of marriage by going out to dinner for the first time since weve been here. Weve been learning a lot and going through a serious spiritual enema! Thats what Im calling it. Last week was all about heart surgery week they said, and it was. We had a guest speaker from Holland and I can not wait to share about them!! And Heidi continued her series on the Beatitudes. We also took a snorkeling date on the week end which was great for us to get alone in the Indian Ocean with the tropical fish and seaweed. The water here is so salty you can float right in it (Dad you would love it). We miss everyone and just want you to know we are thinking about you all the time. Sometimes we even think we see you in the sillohettes of other westerners after the sun sets. Weŕe still doing fantastic and getting our hearts broken for the people here - so much to learn from them and this culture. Like this nugget I realized today: I now know why some cultures shake hands with just the right hand or just bow to greet each other, why they carry their food covered at all times, and why they take their shoes off at the door rather than wear them inside... because of latrines! Once youve gone in them and used them, you want to follow those standards too and hope everyone else does! By the way, and Iĺl put this in the Second Week update, we have water again (finally!) after a few days of rain, believe it or not, during the dry season. It has taught us a lot about necessity and need and our dependance on the Lord. He provided rain enough to fill up our dry sisterns and now we can take showers, flush the toilet, USE the toilet, wash dishes, and brush our teeth. Try to imagine life like that. What if America was like that? Hmm.. write more Saturday - Love you much!
Darryl & Meg


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like things are going really great. Please tell Darryl I really miss him! (all of you really!) But a true brother - I realize just how much he means to me! I look forward each week to your updates. I need that enema that you were speaking of!!!!! (feel a little spiritually constipated!) Keep the updates/emails coming! They are a HUGE ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I sent you and email. Did you get it? I have been thinking about you guys and the wedding all week. Yeah, I could use that spiritual enema also. Thanks for challenging us as you share what is going on there. Wow! I have lots to catch up on spiritually!