Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Things are becoming very repetitious and schedule oriented around here lately which is a welcomed good thing. In that, I've found myself saying these little one liners. I mentioned it to a friend and she threw some out too. It's like life rap or something. A rhyme that helps you understand/communicate a truth or such. Works great with littles! I noticed how much I do this after seeing a kid show where the songs and what limited dialog there is consists of little sing song rhymes much like the ones I say. Anyway, I'm sure if you're a mom or a teacher you have said these or something like them. Here are a few of said sayings.

If you don't obey, you don't play.

If you can't share it, you can't have it.

If you hit, you sit.

Sit down or get down.

And my friend's: when you're wired, you're tired.

I love these! This is just a small collection. Now that I'm documenting this I'm sure to find more and add them to my list. I am going to come up with a name for them, if there isn't one already - in which case, I'll learn it. Have a great day! Summer is approaching....


  1. I say, "No feet where we eat." That's the only rhyming one I can think of but I like your list. I'll have to use some of these.

    1. Good one! Of course I'm going to make that one effective immediately. :) And I found some new ones:

      Put it on or put it up.

      And this one is not my own, but it's been adopted "better to waist than to waste"

      Feel free to post more if you come up with them! And thanks for reading!