Friday, May 30, 2008

In South Africa [Jo'berg]

Well, we've made it. It's about 11pm here right now and all of you are eating supper right now. We had an awesome flight(s). God gave us tremendous favor on the long plane rides. On both presumed full flights we were blessed with an empty seat between Darryl and I and were able to stretch out. Let me type that again, we had an empty seat, not once, but twice!! It was a BIG blessing, after all we are traveling with three so it seems only right! Also, on each flight we were able to get right on the plane and get the guitar in a stow away space without worry of having to check it. We flew over Canada from Detroit, and into Amsterdam where we couldn't see anything because of rainy weather. Then we were able to see Italy and northern Africa and a lot a lot a lot of desert on the way down before the sun set this evening. We've met a lot of others who are on their way to the same place along the way as well. It's been great, and we're ready to stretch out in our beds! We have a nights rest until the morning when we return to the airport for transit to Pemba. Thank you for all your prayers, just wanted to let you all know we arrived safe and sound and in great spirits! No worries, grace grace grace, favor favor favor, all the way. Thank you Jesus! Our next post will probably be after our first week or so of school so until then, be blessed!

MUCH Love in Him,

Darryl & Meg (and baby - who, is doing great by the way)

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  1. Glad to hear that you all made it and that you had a good trip. We already miss you guys. We will definitely be going through a transition period while you all are away. We will be praying for you!