Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Harvest

For Halloween this year, we got together with some friends and did an outreach in downtown Carthage where an estimated 800 kids came to trick-or-treat with their parents in 2009. So we were hoping to hand out a few tracts, and interview some people one-to-one with the gospel message. The Mendigurens came along side us with their wit and servant's hearts and we put together a great evening. Hannah and I and the babies stuffed bags with candy and tracts for the kids. Zeke helped hand out the treats by greeting the trick-or-treaters and carrying their "teet" and placing it in their bag with an "awright!" Isaac and Hadassah looked on and stayed warm. We had some great age appropriate Halloween tracts from Living Waters. All the while Darryl and Chris hit the streets with the Halloween million-dollar-bills and Jordan's camera. Thankfully, Chris had some costumes some dear friends gave them to use for ministry. Chris dressed up as a prisoner and Darryl the cop. They were interviewing people about how criminal should be punished for his crimes and incorporating the gospel message. They also video taped some interviews with adults and young people as they took the "Good Person Test." It was great! Unfortunately we are not going to share the videos online just because some of the people in them we don't have their authorization to share and although some of the young people gave us their permission, we feel it should be up to their parents to decide. We hope to put together some video clips from the entire night with the guys on the street but will have to wait a bit on that for lack of software to do so. But, alas, Darryl and Chris hit a Hallelujah Night on the way home at a local church and went into to the festivities. Below is a video of the charades that ensued. Enjoy!

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